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"I just read your latest Wizard Times. The first quote from Calvin Coolidge is well known to me, I've had it on a poster in my office for years! I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the tapes you let me borrow by Jim Rohn. I have watched them about 3 times each so far. Every time I find a little something more in them. Whether we grow 0% or 25% I feel that our working with you has already been one of the best things to happen in a very long time"

Oliver Paine, Oliver Paine Greenhouses

"Clay's new book is a must read for every business that wants to maximize marketing dollars. Learn Clay's powerful marketing strategies before you spend another dollar in advertising."
- Dr. Joe Falbo Founder & CEO, Red Apple Learning Centers

Clay has done a great job of helping us with our ad campaign, media buy and website. When you are the owner, building your business you tend to focus on building it; not necessarily marketing it in the best way. I recommend Clay to any business owner that wants to get more bang for their marketing buck."
- Joni Hogancamp, Caring People services

"I observed Clay grow his own business from nothing to some very significant...all on a shoestring budget. As for me, his search engine optimization genius took my website from page 18 to the top of the first page on Google for the reader I want to attract and serve."
- Gary Chester menwhowin.com

"I just wanted to tell you again what a great job you did today. Your energy level has greatly improved. I could see a real impressive improvement. You did a tremendous job. The clients I spoke with were very impressed and pleased. Thanks Clay for doing this for us. I really appreciate what you are doing."
JAMIE FUTRELL General Sales Manager-Bristol Broadcasting-Paducah Kentucky

American Advertising Federation Lake Charles, LA:

"Clay drew a crowd of 65 to our advertising club meeting. The audience left the meeting eager to put his simple, powerful advice into practice."

"Clay the speaker and advertising consultant, offers practical methods for promoting your business. Clay the small business owner has used these methods with great success. Here's a speaker who knows the path because he's walked it."
Peter O'Carroll - O'Carroll Group
Advertising . Public Relations . Brand Marketing - Lake Charles, LA

"I want to personally thank you for coming and speaking at the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce breakfast. I enjoyed hearing you speak about living an "Above Average Life". I have lived and learned some of those leassons the hard way myself. I think everyone in attendance enjoyed your presentation as well and was enlightened by your words of encouragement, wisdom, and call to action. Also, I appreciate you going the extra mile of providing CD's of your book for those in attendance. All were eager to receive it. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you taking the time and showing your interest and support of the community by being our guest speaker and supporting the Marshall County Chamber in this endeavor. We would love to have you back next year to do a business related talk about your book, "Get Big Results with Your Small Ad Budget".
Debbie Buchanan- Executive Administrator  Marshall County KY Chamber of Commerce

"Over-all, your new book is a slam-dunk, bro. Captivating. By far, your best yet! I never wanted to quit listening. Your own personal delivery was superb...personal, conversational, and genuine.
The book should be a must for any small advertiser. I felt every chapter was strong. Your analogies were good (i.e. fishing in a new lake). You got the fodder down to where the cattle could get to it.
Gary Morse   General Mgr -Bristol Broadcasting Paducah Kentucky

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