The Missing Bowl

My wife Barbie, came to me this week and said, “Honey, have you seen my crystal bowl; the one that was my Mother’s ?” I said that I had not seen that bowl. Well my sweet wife went a bit frantic looking for it. She called our children. She looked all over for it at our place of business. She asked her Dad about it. No Bowl. She was frustrated.

The next day she took everything out of every cupboard where she thought it could be. No luck. She called the housekeeper; and she had not seen the elusive crystal bowl. She said that it was her favorite bowl and was so distraught that it was gone.

After several days of searching, we got up and were getting ready for the day and we “discovered” the lost bowl sitting right there in the middle of the kitchen table with plastic fruit in it. It was right there in front of us all week long and we didn’t even see it. She said, “Don’t tell anyone about this, they will think I’ve really lost it” But we both have been telling our friends and laughing about it. The same kind of thing has probably happened to everyone at some time or another.

Business Owners are you searching and looking everywhere for some way you can promote your business that will bring people through your doors in this troubled economy? It’s could be right there in front of you! An idea that you have over looked. A virtue or core value that you could “find” that could mean the difference between success and failure this year.

If you can’t find it by yourself I have some brilliant Partners that specialize in finding that thing, or idea that will help you. Each one has a different specialty. I offer a free complimentary meeting or phone call to help you get pointed in the right direction. We'll ask questions and listen before we make recommendations. We will never try to sell you.


Nine Immediate Steps to Better Your Website
by Paul Boomer

How would you like to see a 7 time increase of effectiveness from your website? How about 17 times?

Wizard of Ads partner, Paul Boomer, has helped small businesses do just that with some results helping to create an additional $994,000 of revenue for the business. Paul has also helped to create:

  • A 217% increase in signups for online education courses
  • An increase of overall sales by 12% by redesigning a website
  • Increased visitor engagement of 276% netting an additional $275,000 from new advertising partners

Paul may not be able to duplicate those results for every business. But with his ability to look at your website as your 24-hour digital sales person, there is no doubt he can help you use your website to increase your top-lne revenue.

You'll walk out of this 90-min lunch with a wealth of knowledge you can immediately implement on your website - most of them for free.

Will you be left wondering? Join us at The Pasta House in Paducah on March 17th from 11:30 - 1pm

Articles that will help in a Bad Economy:

· My staff can hardly get any work done. It seems the whole world is calling to ask what I think will happen with our economy.

· The rules of Marketing are Changing

Perhaps now would be a good time to have a complimentary meeting with a Wizard of Ads Partner. Links to their websites and blogs are listed down the right side of The Wizard Times. Hundreds of their articles with free insightful advice can been seen at 2009 would be a great year to attend a class at the Wizard Academy 21st Century Business School in Austin Texas. What is the Wizard Academy?

See you next week.

Clay Campbell
Wizard of Ads

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