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12 Common Mistakes in Advertising

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10 Things Never to do in Your Advertising

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10 Things Never to do in Your Advertising. Never. Never. Never!

Roy Williams had this timely advice for advertising in a poor economy. Visit the Wizard Academy.

12 Common Mistakes in Advertising

12 Steps to A Better Website Free (e-book)

Making Ads Work (e-book) (pdf)

If you are going to advertise, know how to do it right. This is how.
The writings of Roy H. Williams as compiled by Wizard Partner Craig Arthur


How to Measure the Strength of a Brand (pdf)
In this free pdf download, the Wizard of Ads explains how to conduct an Evocative Word Association Survey to measure the brand essence of every competitor in your category. And best of all, it's a survey you can conduct with your own staff. by Roy H. Williams
(When you click the link a PDF will download.)

Rules to Remember When Conducting a Public Opinion Survey (pdf)
Do you know your company’s percentage of unaided recall? If you don’t know, find out as fast as you possibly can. Your future depends upon it. These are the guidelines for doing it right. by Roy H. Williams. (When you click the link a PDF will download.)

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