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101 Ideas: How To Advertise and Market Your Business In A Poor Economy

Clay's newsest book is filled with timly information to help busnesses survive and even thrive in this "Poor Economy"

Just as doctors and paramedics perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to revive a person, this book can be CPR for a business that is doing poorly. If your business is already doing well, the information in this book, when applied to your business, can help it to grow in unprecedented ways.

Business owners today are worried, concerned, frustrated. Every day we are told how bad the economy is or how much worse it may get. The media thrives on bad news, but here’s the truth: In the book The eMyth Revisited, Michael Gerber states that out of the 1,000,000 businesses that start up each year in America, 800,000 don’t make it past the first 12 months. Then, in the next 4 years, another 100,000 go belly up. Now, in the advent of this recession and in the recovery from it, several more will move into the failed category unless they begin using many of the suggestions in this book.


Get Big Results From Your Small Ad Budget - (More BANG For Your Marketing Buck)

A lot of marketing books assume that advertisers are already marketing their products and services, and advise changes in strategy and re-allocation of resources. Very few are written for businesses so small or so new that they have no marketing plans to modify.

Clay has gathered in one collection some of his best on-line columns into a a book for just such small companies - Get BIG Results From Your Small Ad Budget.

Clay is a good-natured, plain-spoken country boy from Western Kentucky. He doesn't come off as the typical successful business person, let alone an accomplished marketing consultant. He's both. And he's very good at what he does.

Some of his topics include:

  1. If you're just starting out and you have no money.
  2. A way to market if you have no money.
  3. Five words to avoid in your ads.
  4. Do you have a guarantee?
  5. Things I learned from my visit to Sewell Cadillac in Dallas.

Get BIG Results From Your Small Ad Budget draws from Clay's experiences as the owner of several successful small businesses, as well as his expertise in website development and search engine optimization.

  1. You'll learn how to create positive word-of-mouth, and how to buy it.
  2. You'll learn how to raise awareness and ranking of your web site.
  3. And, you'll learn how to build a huge database of e-mail customers with a simple e-mail newsletter.

All in all, Clay offers over 100 ideas you can put to work immediately to grow your customer base and improve cash flow.


12 Steps to a Better Website, Raise Your Rank in the Search Engines

A step by step method to show you how to bring your website from page 10 in Google and Yahoo to page one in the search engines.

Your website needs to communicate to your visitor with words, graphics, and information about your company. Information that you feel gives your visitors your vision, your purpose, pertinent information on products and/or service. But also the website HTML code needs to give the serch engines iformation to help your ranking. Most websites do not.

Your website is a key component of your overall marketing and it should advance your overall business strategy, at the same time, have the information the search engines are looking for.

Clay's newest book will help you find more customers by moving your website to the top of the search engines.


Escape From Mediocrity

Living a happy life with peace of mind is something you might think is hard or impossible; but it's not! Clay's book, Escape From Mediocrity, will help business owners, management and employees to bring UP the level of productivity and put an end to mediocrity in their personal life and career.

You'll learn how to have a "don't kid yourself day". Raise the bar and find BALANCE in six areas: Family, Finances, Friends, Career, Spiritual, and Physical/Health.


Guitars, Bar's & a Prodigal Son

This autobiography unfolds the story of a very determined young boy growing up on a poor Missouri farm. After trading a saddle and a pig for a 1939 Martin guitar at age 13, Clay started playing and singing country and gospel music. The lure of becoming famous and making a lot of money soon led him down the wrong pathway.

"I strayed away from God and began singing in Bars, Nightclubs, and making records in Nashville, living a life much like the prodigal son.  After 17 years and two failed marriages, my life turned around through a chain of events arranged by God, and meeting an evangelist Lowell Lundstrum."

In Guitars Bars and A Prodigal Son, Clay talks about living the life of a hobo.  As a 16 year old he took a trip “off to see the world.” He hitchhiked to California from his daddy’s farm in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. He slept under bridges, hopped rides on boxcars, "sang for his supper" many times and "almost froze to death" in the Rocky Mountains.

"I met a wonderful woman (Barbie) in January of 1978. We fell in love and got married in October 1979."

"Barbie and I raised three boys in Marshall County and have attended Hardin Baptist Church since 1991. She and I taught the First Grade Sunday School class 1996 - 2004. I felt called by the Lord to do a Praise and Worship service for kids, kindergarten through third grade. (I'm still there every Sunday) I just love that ministry!"