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Becoming A Client

The process of becoming a client begins with a complimentary Alignment Meeting.

How will we make your business grow?

Most advertising agencies bill creative fees by the hour and the more media you buy, the more money they make. At Wizards of Ads our income isn’t tied to your ad budget. Our compensation is tied to your growth.
The growth of your business will be determined by the following five factors:

  1. Total Market Potential: How much will be spent by the public in your product or service category this year? What is the depth of your current market penetration? How many dollars remain on the table?
  2. Message Development: How well do you tell your story? What is the Impact Quotient of your ads?
  3. Media Plan: How efficiently are your ad dollars being spent?
  4. Competitive Environment: How good are your competitors at what they do?
  5. Competency: How good are you? We're counting on you for Number 5.

Wizard of Ads® Partners believe "Advertising will not make a business succeed or fail. It will only accelerate what was going to happen anyway." Due to this core belief, the Wizard of Ads team selects clients with great care and long deliberation. We are looking for small business owners who display great passion for their business and quite honestly, would succeed whether or not our team was involved. We excel at simply getting you there faster and more efficiently.

If we decide your company and ours is a fit then we'll do an **Uncovery.

Roy H. Williams and his Partners like Clay Campbell have been using secret formulas to create miraculous growth for small business clients since 1987. Many the earliest clients are now more than 10 times the size they were when they entered into relationship with the Wizard. A few are more than 40 times their former size.

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