Clay and his family own a very successful tourist attraction in Western Kentucky is an author and professional writer of creative ad campaigns.  As a business owner, Clay knows most small business owners feel they are not getting the best bang for their buck with their ad dollars. Clay helps clients get much better results with a well-written message." Clay became one the first 20 Wizard of Ads Partners and works as a consultant for small business owners bringing creative ideas and marketing strategies to help them grow.

We build websites, do search engine optimization, copywriting, branding campaigns, buy media at the best rate possible, and help you buy word of mouth advertising.

Most ad agencies make a 15% a commission based on how much advertising you buy. The more you buy, the more they make. Wizard of Ads Partners work differently. He will charge a manageable flat monthly fee and can only make more money if you increase your yearly sales.

Clay's book, Escape From Mediocrity: Live The above average Life, published by Wizard Press, will help business owners, management and employees bring UP the level of productivity and put an end to mediocrity in their personal life and career. Join Clay’s free newsletter: More Bang for Your Marketing Buck and the title his new book.

Above Average Advertising
Clay offers insight to help you get More Bang for your Marketing Buck.

More Bang For Your Marketing
Buck Get BIG Results from your Small Ad Budget

The Wizard Academy
Classes to help you learn how to write powerfully and clearly.

Learn website Persuasion Architecture. How to Market to Women. New School Selling. And lots of other really cool stuff
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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by..."
- Robert Frost